Our CEO & Founder

With more than 20 years worth of sports experience behind him, Taïg Khris is now fully committed to transferring his passion from action sports to the modern telecom industry.

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Taïg Khris


Or should we call it a family? At onoff, we managed to create a real group of friends, almost like a family and made of awesome people from all around the world. Estonians, Russians, Ukrainians, French, Irish, Lithuanians, Spanish... The variety of backgrounds, cultures and skills present in our Tallinn office creates everyday an awesome atmosphere in which we are happy to always give the best of us with a mood always at the top.

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onoff Team


With offices in Paris and Tallinn, onoff is growing at a very fast rate for already 4 years. Strong of some of the best talents in their domains, the company has already managed to disrupt the telecom market in Europe and is now aiming to extend its potential to the whole world.

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